Description of any significant infrastructure and/or any major items of technical equipment, relevant to the proposed work.

The C-PED research group operates within two main laboratory areas, the Power Electronics and Electric Drives laboratory at Roma Tre University and the Power and Industrial Electronics laboratory at University of Rome Tor Vergata.

The Power Electronics and Electric Drives is one of the main important laboratory facilities of the Department of Engineering at the Roma Tre University. The laboratory is located on the ground floor of one of the main buildings of the University and it occupies an area of about 250 m2. The electrical power is supplied via a 400V-250A electrical panel for the high-power equipment and via two 400V-50A electrical panels for auxiliary equipment. The laboratory is equipped with computer workstations devoted to modeling and simulation activity, as well computer workstations are also dedicated to experimental activities related to specific test benches for power electronics and electric drives. National Instruments platforms as C-RIO and PXI are present and, appropriately integrated with additional hardware, can be used for even complex Hardware in the Loop systems. The laboratory has a teaching section on Laboratory of Electrical Applications and Measures which is endorsed as National Instruments LabVIEW Academy class.

The Power and Industrial Electronics laboratory at University of Rome Tor Vergata is equipped with specific modeling and simulation software for power electronics circuits, such as PLECS, PSIM and MATLAB/Simulink, which can be employed as a high-level simulation platform as well. The laboratory is also equipped with the own-developed simulator APoSIS (Advanced Power System Interactive Simulator), which is an interactive program that permit to analyze the steady-state behaviour of power systems, including static converters and electrical machines, faster than commercial simulation tools as the transients’ calculations are avoided.

C-PED partnered with Typhoon HIL to set up a fully vertically integrated Hardware-in-The-Loop solution in the laboratory area at ROMA TRE University (Feb 2022,

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